Dining Essentials

Dining and mealtimes can be challenging for those with disabilities, especially people with stability problems.

Your Life At Home stock a number of essential dining products that can help in the kitchen, bathroom and in a wide variety of situations around the home.

This includes non-slip mats to use under plates and cups to help reduce accidents and provide opportunity for greater independence, and non-slip reels that can be cut to any shape or size to suit requirements and keep items stable.

Browse our range of dining essentials below and improve mealtimes for you or a loved one.

Non-Slip Reels

From £28.00

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Individual Oven Dish

From £12.99

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Queens Cutlery

From £9.50

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Good Grips Cutlery

From £9.01

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Carafe and Glass

From £7.90

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Non-Slip Mat

From £4.95

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Pat Saunders Straws

From £4.81

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Plate Surround

From £4.64

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Belly Tumbler

From £2.95

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Wine Glass

From £2.60

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