Hoist Slings

Hoist slings can be an essential tool for mobility in and around the home or in a carer environment. Built with comfort in mind and safety as the key priority, these relatively inexpensive lifting aids can dramatically improve the lives of both caring professionals and patients.

Each product has been created to serve a specific purpose, from standing assist slings to full body universal slings. Along with providing additional support to patients, the hoist slings can help reduce the strain of manual lifting for carers, allowing them to focus on providing the very best care without the burden of heavy lifting.

Listed below is the product range for hoist slings however if a mobile hoist is superior based around your needs, Your Life At Home have a dedicated mobile hoist product range.

Invacare Stand Assist Sling

From £94.00

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Invacare Universal Standard Sling

From £83.00

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Oak Universal Sling (With Head Section)

From £68.00

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Poplar Stand Assist Belt

From £58.00

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